My Shopping Trips

>> Sunday, January 18, 2009

I spent hours shopping yesterday at Meijer, Walgreen's, Kroger's and Martin's (local supermarket). I did fairly well. I purchased lots of fresh fruit on sale, am well stocked on cereal for the family, have more boxes of granola bars that I can safely eat, Milk, whole grain breads and buns.

Total $9.48
Total saved $ 2.60
Out of pocket $6.88

Total $20.57
Total saved $2.10
Out of pocket $18.47

Total $189.61
Total Saved $94.89
Out of pocket $ 94.72
50% Savings, I love when that happens

Kroger's was just Dr. Pepper bottles for my husband so I wont bother putting that.

Don't you love when you spend a lot of money on groceries, have plenty of food to eat that will go with your stock pile food only to find out when you get home that several stock pile foods are gone and the kids never bothered to tell you they used the last or added to the list? Now you have to go purchase/search for more deals? Big sigh.


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