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>> Friday, January 9, 2009

Things are going fairly well this week. I haven't felt deprived and have felt pretty good about my choices. I have cooked at home every night this week and that has been a plus for everyone. One night I made taco salad and only had one shell. This is good for me because I would normally have 3 or so.

The next night I made the fajitas which were delish...and last night I made homemade chicken tenders in the oven and had a spring salad mix so chicken tender salad it was. This also tasted excellent and everyone enjoyed the chicken tenders. I did use a few tablespoons of ranch that I dipped my fork in as I ate the salad. Baby steps people. I didn't pour it on the salad.

For lunches I have had a good of pbj sandwich on healthy whole wheat, one day had a small hamburger from BK but no cheese and nothing else. Yesterday I had a veggie delight on honey oat at subway and although it did have mayo on it, I did not ask for extra mayo as I would normally do and with the piles of veggies it tasted really good.

I have ate breakfast at home or in the car with good food every day which is excellent for me. No McD's. I have used oven baked almonds and heart healthy nuts mix for snacks in the car between clients and I love this snack....salty, crunchy, and one mix has a slight sweetness to it. It really tastes great.


Denise January 9, 2009 at 9:02 AM  

I am so proud of you!! You soundslike you are doing great! For your first week not to go out for a meal is a huge deal. I know that is your weakness. And dipping your fork into the dressing is the perfect solution to get a little flavor. keep up the good week! And guess what?? One week is almost over.....Yeah!!!!

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