Walgreens trip and vent a little ...other stuff too

>> Saturday, December 20, 2008

I went to walgreen's today and got a few things I needed and a bunch of other things. I got a few deals but mostly I wanted to use my two $5 RR. Did you know that you can't use more then one at at time? I had to separate my purchases. I have said this so many times before...walgreen's makes it so difficult to shop there. The restrictions are endless...but when you need the deals what are we to do?

Are you going out at midnight to get the good CVS deals? Not me but I will make a trip for the free things tomorrow and whatever is there is there. I have lots of ebc's to use. Check out iheartcvs on side bar for the updated list of cvs deals.

If you live in the midwest then you know what I mean when I say this...I really do not like winter. In the area where I live we got the snow, the sleet and then the inch thick ice that mostly made our lives a pain in the butt yesterday.

Now we have another system snow/ice mix coming through tonight through monday. Doesn't mother nature know we have christmas shopping to complete?

I know you west people are saying are you not used to this? Well yes and no. We don't normally get this much bad weather this early. And we don't get too many ice storms we get snow and snow we can deal with. We can shovel snow, drive on snow and use ice melt to help get us around. Freezing rain this thick doesn't melt with ice melt, so they mix it with dirt for the roads and it just makes this uneven half frozen mix that is really bumpy on the road which lots of ice slide offs for cars. You can not shovel this if you wanted to and my husband parked his car on the grass and it never even sank through the snow!!! In addition we will get 20-50 mph wind gusts tomorrow as well which freezes more and if snow comes it drifts.

So thats my venting. :)

Good news...we went to a christmas dinner party, free food and I won $20 bucks! yeah.


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