Healthy Living Week one begins-Jan. 6, 2009

>> Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My diet plan: Week ONE

Realize that I am making my own diet up as it goes and I will vary or change things as I need to do so. Please keep in mind that my main goal here is to try and make some good changes in my life, eat healthier and begin to exercise.

Please also remember that I am very overweight and things will take a little longer for me and I realize this so I hope I can count on your support and I want this to be supportive for everyone no matter if it is one pound or 200 pounds you are trying to lose. Please leave me your comments, check in weekly and let us know your ups, downs, weight loss or gains, your diet and tips are working out for you. I am exposing the one thing that I have kept close to my heart for my entire life, my weight has been my identity, my fear, my hiding place, my world and to share it with all of you is extremely difficult.

Sundays: Lower carb, higher protein, and fresh fruits, veggies

Mondays: Meatless Monday, I will concentrate on eating food that is packed with protein and have no meat while cutting down on high fat dairy.

Tuesday s: Lower carb, higher protein, and fresh fruits, veggies

Wednesdays: Juice/raw day, I will concentrate on drinking very fresh healthful fruit juice smoothies (this helps to absorb nutrients very quickly and helps to detoxify) as well as eating a diet rich in foods that have not been altered by the cooking process.

Thursdays: Lower carb, higher protein, and fresh fruits, veggies

Fridays: Lower carb, higher protein, and fresh fruits, veggies

Saturdays: Lower carb, higher protein, and fresh fruits, veggies

I thought about having a “free” day but this never seems to work for me because I don’t want to wait all week, I usually have something come up and a healthy meal is not always the easiest to achieve. So I am going to try this instead: A free breakfast, free lunch and free dinner. This should fit into my schedule, give me some freedom and allow me to “cheat” a bit during the week.

Cutting back heavily on carbs and putting in whole grains in their place will be my main daily goal. I will incorporate fresh, frozen fruits and veggies and use nuts and other lower fat foods to curb my snacking on most days of the week. This seems doable to me so we will see how the first few weeks work and change as needed.
My main addictions is fast food...I would rather eat that then a good home cooked meal so fast food is on its way out.

My beginning date is January 6, 2009


Denise January 1, 2009 at 7:50 PM  

I think your plan sounds wonderful! it might just be the break through that we all need. I am trying to do something similar....low carbs higher protein. My goal is to run a 5k on April 4. I am starting tomorrow with mine though. I want to drop those pounds to help me run...I will be lighter less to carry. LOL alkso healthier. For me I need some accountability. One suggestion might be to tell someone your weight...then "check In" with that person every week, month etc to see your results. It also helps you to know youa re "accountable" to another person. On your blog or if youw ant to do it together I will do it with you and we can know each others. Let me know what you think. Great start!!

Beeb January 1, 2009 at 8:14 PM  

Good for you, Paula! I think it's smart to work on lifestyle changes as opposed to diets - I think that's the way to get lasting change. Just reducing fast food helps a lot. Everyone is different, but for me, eating a quick meal at home (even if it isn't perfect nutritionally) is far better than fast food - that really packed the pounds on me when I was eating it a lot.

Anonymous January 2, 2009 at 8:34 AM  

Paula, keep up the good work! I too have struggled with weight all of my life. 2 years ago I lost 90 lbs, last year I had a little set back I regained 30 lbs. While I will never be skinny, I too am planning on losing 35lbs. Feel free to follow along on my blog page, its very new, so I don't have a big following (yet?) I started out 2 years ago weighing over 250lbs! It can be done, good luck and I'll follow ya thru it!

oneybunchofoats and other fine things January 5, 2009 at 7:13 AM  

Hey, hope this works well for you! I am going to attempt to do something with my weight too!!! I'm tired of being so overweight! My husband is a pastor and is supposed to get ordained this summer so I want to look at least "presentable" for that too! :) Good luck!

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