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>> Saturday, November 22, 2008

This was my first week completely on my own and I really enjoyed it. I got a job as a social worker and my official title is 'assessment worker'. The company I work for is a not for profit company and about 80% of our money comes from government contracts. We work with all the local agencies that help families with parenting problems, children problems, neglect, abuse, mental problems, housing issues, education issues, employment issues and the list goes on...

Our referrals come from one of these agencies. The parent could have called themselves looking for some type of help, or churches, schools, neighbors, family could have called the agency. When I get a referral I contact the person and then make an appointment to go see them. Sometimes this is easy like this week where all my clients wanted me there and sometimes its hard when the clients don't answer the phone, won't come to the door if we go over there.
Sometimes the houses are normal family homes where it is a fine to go into and sometimes they are disgusting messes.

When I go into a home I take an initial assessment to make sure they qualify for our program. Our program is voluntary but sometimes department of children services or some place will tell the clients they have to get into the program or there will be other consequences. Once there I ask lots of questions, observe the situation around me and fill out lots of papers. I talk a lot and I listen a lot. Hopefully I don't see or hear anything that I would need to be reported or make me have to leave the house right away. When I am done with the intake, I make an appointment to come back with a case worker and then I hand the family over to the agency that will be working with them over the next six months in order to work on the goals they set. The majority of the goals are finical, employment help but others are in need of food, clothing and counseling.

That's about it other then every situation is different, we have met people in places like the park because they didn't have a home, bars away from their abusive husbands and more weird things.

The clients I had this week were wonderful, sought help for themselves for a variety of reasons and one even has a masters degree. You never know who you are going to run into when you enter a home.

The week had lots of snow and freezing weather and I hate it.

As soon as I get myself together I am off to do my shopping that I never got to this week.


Lisa November 22, 2008 at 11:24 AM  

It sounds like you are going to enjoy your new position! Good for You!


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