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>> Saturday, November 8, 2008

A reminder to check the sidebar for this weeks Walgreen's and CVS breakdowns. There are a couple of good deals at each of these stores this week.

I made a trip to Kroger's with the big mega deal they had going on this week. I won't break it down but I will tell you the balances.

Total $158.66
Total saved $95.63
Total out of pocket $63.23

I got some really great deals and some stock pile things. We did get 8 -3L bottles of spring water. I have not had any back up water in case electric goes out or something like that so I will keep a few back for that and replace as I use them. Always good to have a bit of bottled water on hand. I remember a winter past (probably more then 5 years or so) when our electric went out do to ice and we were lucky I had some bottled water then too. We were out for three days.

This week I am going to take a look at the Black Friday deals and post what deals (coupon wise) will be worth a trip and coupons to keep in mind for some deals.


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