I did the Black Friday my way

>> Friday, November 28, 2008

We have a new Walmart down on our corner and since we live in the county there is nothing else in site so I got up and went there. It was still crazy but I got the few things I was looking for and left as quick as possible.

Walmart deals I got:
3 pairs of jeans for $8 each
2 fleeced hoodies $8 each
I can not even tell you how many $2 videos I got.

Then I went to the 24 hour CVS where I should have went yesterday but didn't.

Cover girl foundation and powder-free w/profit 2.00
L'Oreal lip juicy lip gloss- free w/profit 1.00
3 Gatorade-Free
1Giant Hershey Bar-free
1Aussie Shampoo-free w/profit 2.00
1 colgate toothpast -free w/profit 1.00
1 Spa collection set - 6.99

The other things I wanted were gone of course.

Then I went over to Walgreen's which didn't open for another 15min but the manage saw all three of us waiting in our cars and let us in.

The cashier in beauty was so nice to me.

1 intuition razor -.99
2 Schick men's travel pack razors - free w/profit 2.00
1 Remington Men's battery op trimmer 10.00
2 dog beds at 6.99 each
3 Gillette shaving cream -1.89

This took a total of two hours with a trip thru drive thru at McD's and back home in bed by 7am. Great trip.


Lisa November 28, 2008 at 12:04 PM  

Good for you! Sound like you got some great deals!

Love the look of your blog! Pretty~

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