How much money do you make? Another soapbox moment...

>> Saturday, November 1, 2008

Where do you work? What do you 'do'? How much money do you make? We (society) tends to put so much empathises on these types of questions and some of them are darn right rude. But are you embarrassed if you don't have the right job, or make the right amount of money? We shouldn't be but let's be honest a lot of time we feel embarrassed if we don't 'fit' in with the view society has of us.

I read money saving mom this morning and she talked about going to the mall and wanting things, wanting to look like the other people, and the sense of dissatisfaction that she felt after being there. If we are honest we can all say we have been there too. Why do we feel so sad when we can't have things? Why are we embarrassed when we work so hard, and can't afford to spend money we don't have on presents for Christmas? Unfortunately that is what our culture and society have tried to place upon us.

I love to shop when I can and get new things, I won't lie. I love when I get a good deal and barely spend anything. I hate when I am made to feel inferior for not making more money and I hate that I have to allot myself "x" amount of money to spend on my family for presents but that is the way it is and I shouldn't feel bad about any of it.

So this year why not set the goal of giving more of yourself for the holidays? Why not be honest and say the economy is hard and I am going to set a one gift per kid rule or whatever you and your partner decide is best?

The next time someone asks what you do answer...I work very hard at being a....homemakers, salesmen, social worker, factory worker and the list goes on. If someone is rude enough to ask what it is you make just to be nosy then answer...I make enough to keep my family happy, healthy and well. Be proud of yourself for what you do. Be proud of yourself for how much you shop and save for your family. Be proud of yourself for setting limits on giving this season for the season is about the gift of Christ for our souls not the amount of money we can give to each other.


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