Kmart Super Double Coupons 10/26-11/1

>> Wednesday, October 22, 2008

There seems to be another Kmart double coupon week coming up. If you go to Cherry Picker she has the Ohio stores listed that are participating in the sales. I have not seen other Kmarts listed as of yet but will post if I see other states in on the deal. So if you live in Ohio get it out. I saved big time when I did this deal before.

Here are some strategies if you are going to the Kmart double coupons next week. The past sale allowed up to $2 doubles (meaning a savings of $4).

  • Go thru all your coupons so you have a running knowledge of what you have
  • Plan on spending some time at the store to browse and calculate savings
  • Do not take kids if you don't have to do so you don't want to rush your savings
  • Keep a running tab of your savings/spending so there is no surprises in store for you at the check out
  • Don't use a coupon that really doesn't save you money. By this I mean don't use a coupon that will save you $3 if the Kmart price is way over what let us say Walmart sells. You won't save any money

Have fun. I have to admit my friend and I had quite a good time when we went together and spent a good hour of more at the store.


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