K Mart = Frustration in my hometown

>> Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Even though I had called the corporate headquarters and they said all K Marts were to participate my K Mart refused! So...I will be driving to my friends house about an hour away tomorrow and go to her K Mart which is participating. We meet for lunch once a week anyway and its my turn to come her way. These are the deals I saw in addition to the ones listed below:

Tide is 2/$10 there has been many coupons for $1 off making this a good deal at $3 each

El Paso Taco shells are 10/$10 use your coupon for $1 off two packages and this becomes free

Vaseline Lotion for men and regular Vaseline lotions have $1.50 off coupons and these are $2.99 at Kmart making these free as well.

Quilted Northern ultra plush is $6 at Kmart and $1 coupon would make this $4 for a 24 pack

So check your store before you shop and some stores are saying fine we will honor the double coupons but make sure you check first.

Also check out the other deals posted below in the first blog.


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