>> Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stop over to money saving mom for a list of K mart stores that is doubling coupons starting today. No printable coupons but if you have a $2 coupon it doubles to $4. My store is not on the list and says they are not participating however I called the customer service line and they told me all K Mart stores have to participate. You will need to go into your K Mart store and alert the customer service that they are supposed to be participating and have them call headquarters to confirm this fact. I think this will be worth it for some free items. Here are a few deals you can get courtesy of common sense with money:

Gillette's Men Shampoo 2/$8
Use 2/1 from 9/28 inserts
Free After doubled coupon

Pert Plus Shampoo 2.99
use 1.50/1 coupon
Free After doubled coupon

Suave deodorants 1.79
Use 0.75 doubled
29 cents each after doubled coupon

Kotex Pantyliner $1.49
Use 0.75/1 coupon
Free after doubled coupon

Dove Candy Bars 2.29
Use 1/1 coupon
29 cents each after coupon

Glade Fabric Spray 3.29
Use 1.50/1
29 cents after doubled coupon

Revlon Nail polish 4.19
Use 2/1 coupon
19 cents each after doubled coupons

Right Guard Deodorant 2.49
Use 1/1 Manufacturer coupon
49 cents after doubled coupon

Health food Life Cat Food
Use 1/1 coupon
FREE after doubled coupon

Good Life Cat Food 4.29
Use 1.50/1 tearpad found at Kmart
1.29 a bag after doubled coupon

Pounce Cat Treats 1.29
Use 1.50/2
FREE after doubled coupon

Ziploc Containers 2.50
Use 1.50/2 coupon
$1 after doubled coupon

Dawn Direct Foam 3.29
Use 1.50/1 from Home Made Simple Booklet
29 cents after doubled coupon

Lysol Spray 4.79
Use 2/1 coupon
79 cents after doubled coupon


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