cvs sneak peek

>> Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mommy Snacks has a peek at next weeks CVS deals. Be sure to check that out to get a jump on your shopping for next week. There seems to be some stock pile options like trash bags, soaps and such next week.

Stock piling is great for the things you have to use the most. I have great stocks on toilet paper, kleenex, toothpaste (of course), toothbrushes and dish soaps. These I know I need. What are your stock piles? Do you need diapers, wipes, crackers? Just remember to keep a look out for your stockpile of choice. At my house you will never have to worry about Ragu there was a super sale one week and some how 9 jars made it into my house. Its kinda of a joke around here.


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