Computer Woes & Tonight's Shopping

>> Friday, October 24, 2008

Our home laptop got a virus from the hotel while we were on vacation...lost everything. So this month I will not be able to track my savings because I lost all the information and must start a new spreadsheet all over. I think I have the totals from the last two months posted but this months totals are gone. Sad because I was having a good month. I might be able to find where I stuck on my reciepts but I will be honest and say I don't have that much energy.

Tonight my daughter (yes the one who moved home) went to eat together and hit some stores. I really haven't "grocery" shopped in some time. I usually pick up deals, grab a few other things and I am pretty well off. Tonight I decided to just get things we needed, try to use coupons and stock up on some easy foods. My daughter and her better half are low on cash so I was footing the grocery bill for everyone. I did very well. I used coupons, but I did not keep track of purchases as normal.

Krogers I saved $42 and only spent $32

Walmart (big sigh and story to follow) I spent $93 and saved $24

Over all we did very well, got a lot of food and still have the Aldi's to hit tomorrow.

Walmart story (quick version) I got the elderly lady checker, she was new and I had over 50 coupons. Need I say more on this?

I found a great deal on Mrs. Smith's deep dish pies at $2 each clearance ($6.98 normal price). However they of course did not ring up right and they couldn't find the frozen food stocker who could verify the price. Time spent in checkout? 35 MINUTES! The lady behind me was very unhappy but I must say I have the right to use coupons and I am sorry the poor lady was new and couldn't figure out how to ring them up. And who isn't going to wait for the proper price on two wonderful deep dish pies for $4 instead of $13.96?


Carrie @ October 24, 2008 at 11:57 PM  

I just tagged you "twice".

Love your blog!

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