Walgreen's Double Up Days

>> Thursday, September 25, 2008

Every month there is a period of time when the Walgreen September Easy Saver Rebate book and the October Easy Saver Rebate book overlap. What does this mean? EXTRA SAVINGS! Let me try to explain and hopefully it makes sense to everyone. I got my explanation from sisterly savings so please visit her blog site for more explanations and savings. She does a great job.

Walgreen's 101
Double Up Days

Double Up days are a period (Friday and Saturday of the end of the month) when the two rebate/easy saver savings overlap.

The Easy Saver monthly ends on the last Saturday of the month allowing this wonderful overlap that has some great savings.

The best part of these days are that you can double up on your savings. One way is the rebates. You can use the rebates from both months. You can also use the IVC (instant value coupon) from either book to up your savings.

For a way better explanation please go to sisterly savings to see her 101 on Double days.


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