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>> Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Be Centable has a great blog on going green. Check it out for some tips on how to recycle and reuse. You can give her some feedback on how you are green in your home as well. I stopped buying cleaners and air fresheners awhile ago and now make my own. I can say it has made a difference for me because I have bad allergies and sensitive skin.

Recently I tried the new Arm & Hammer Essential cleaner because it was natural and had a money back rebate. I didn't like it because the smell was overwhelming. Once you become used to the nice, gentle clean smell of homemade cleaners the store bought cleaners are not so pretty smelling.

Here is the recipe for making your own air freshener. I swear you will like it better then anything you have ever used before. It is easy and has no chemicals to stay around and get into your body.

Fill a small spray bottle with water and add whatever essential oil you would like to that water. The amount of oil you would add depends on how heavy you like the smell. 20 drops is usually OK but I double it to 40 drops because I like more smell. My faves are the citrus smells, orange, grapefruit seed and lemon. The grape seed oil, tea tree oil and lavender have antibacterial properties as well.

My daughter loves it so much I constantly have to make her some and when my niece visits she loves to spray some. You can use this anywhere in the house and I even use it in the car as well. Just put the sprayer on fine mist.


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