Making Laundry Soap

>> Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I recently read a blog on making your own laundry soap. She used the dry mix and I like the liquid mix. So here is my recipe for those who might want to give it a whirl. The primary reason I began making my own soap was because I have such sensitive skin and the other reason is the information I began to read on the chemicals that stay in your body for store bought laundry detergents. Now I am not a fanatic, I have store bought back up bottles and I really like fab softener so I use that as well. But I try to use non-bleach as needed and keep it natural. My skin loves it, the smell is always fresh and clean smelling. This recipe takes a little more time then the dry mix so if you would like to try that you can link cents-to-save or go to .

Liquid laundry soap

4 cups grated soap ( You can use any kind but I like Ivory, cheap, simple and trusted)

2 cup Washing Soda (In my area only Meijer's sells it)

2 cup Borax

Put the soap in a pot with about 4 cups water and boil slowly. Watch and stir you don't want to over spill.

As you are doing this you can put the hottest water you can get into a bucket. I use a dish washing tub. Fill it 3/4 full of hot water, stir in the washing soda, borax and stir. When soap is mostly dissolved pour that into the washing soda mixture. Add more water until the bucket or tub is full and stir. Set it aside and leave it be. This mixture will turn into the strangest goo after a few hours or overnight. I then put it into storage tubs (big, tall ones) and use an old 2cup scoop to dispense. I usually but soap into washer with water before I add clothes. I love it!

I will be using liquid ivory soap next time instead of the grated bars so I will let you know how that works out. I think this will be easier and Ivory website says it is the same as its bars. A little more costly but nothing compared to laundry detergent. Let me know if you use a homemade soap or if you make homemade soaps, lotions and more.


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