The Great Adventure : A Journey Through the Bible

>> Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This is going to be a very personable part of my blog. Last night I began a bible study class at my church called The Great Adventure. This is a 24 week journey that takes you through the bible with video, workbooks, prayer and church friends. It has humor and it easily breaks the bible apart into 14 books in order to tell the story and get a rough sequential knowledge of the history of the people of Israel and the beginning of the Christian Church. I am Catholic so it will be taught from that point of view. I am going to post a re-cap of what I learn each week and would love, love, love it if comments were left so I can see what you think, feel and believe.

We got a binder with a time line that breaks the bible into time frames. To begin the journey we will of course start with Early World (Genesis 1-11). We will read these chapters this week and answer some study questions. I will post the questions this week in case anyone would like to follow along.

Pray for me on this journey so that I can hear God's word with an open heart and mind. I hope to get a better understanding of the bible but I want to understand God's written word in a way that touches me for each person gets something different from each passage. God's Peace.


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