Major Saving this Week

>> Thursday, August 21, 2008

I had some major savings this week but it came with a price, my mind loss! I will not go into great detail because it is too crazy to even begin, however I will say that I ended up at 5 Walgreen stores. Yeh, I know 5 stores. The only reasons the insanity continued from store to store is that I refused to give up when confronted with obstacles and the second reason besides the savings is the walgreens on every dang corner within a mile of each other. I also went to meijers which I hate shopping at but the saving usually win out. I had an out of my mind moment there as well.

Total price for all items bought today: $215.93
Total savings: $173.67
Total spent: $42.26 (this includes rebates)

I think we need to have a walgreens 101 class. So look for that next. They really flustered me today.

Also news flash to me...why didn't I know this? Meijer informed me today that you can only double a couple that is under $.50. I know that you couldn't go over a $1 value but always before the coupons that were $.60 would take off the extra $.40 to make a dollar. Not so anymore. The customer service lady told me it has been that way for several years now. I have been shopping for the past month there and I never noticed this. Just one more coupon learning experience.


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