How do you want to store your coupons?

>> Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The first photo show how I use the side folder to hold my rebate catalogs for the month. On the right side I use fill paper so I can write out lists, jot down notes or prices as I am in a store.

The next photo shows how I use the photo inserts as coupon holders. Just slide the coupons into the top. I label the sides for easy viewing. The first few pages are my major stores, CVS, Walgreens, and Meijers.

This next photo shows how I have used labels for different sections.
The last photo is the back of my folder and I use it to hold rebates and the index card holder to hold coupons as I go through the store so I don't lose them.

As I mentioned below as you get more into using coupons you will want a system that works well for you. After starting with a couple of coupon organizers I moved on to a bigger system. I bought a flexible file folder and inserted two packs of photo inserts. These are clear (plastic) inserts that normally would show your pictures but I use them for my coupons. I was able to label more tabs, its clear so I could see, easy to take with me and I could add some paper where which I use to write the lists of stores, items and prices. As you use your favorite stores you will want to use a spot for those stores in the front. This way you can put special coupons, and the coupons you plan to use at that store there so they will be easy to find. Here are some pictures of my system.


Katidids June 8, 2009 at 12:35 AM  

Great idea using the diaperwipe or shoebox for coupons. I tried the baseball card protector sheets in a notebook, worked wonderful until I was tearing coupons trying to get them out!

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