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>> Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Internet coupons can be a great source for saving money. These days you can find a lot of printable coupons. Coupon cravings has a great blog today on Internet coupons with sites that can help you with finding and printing Internet coupons.

A couple of points to remember when printing coupons online:

  • If you use foxfire as your internet browser there are issues with printing coupons (sometimes). If this happens just open in Internet Explorer and you should be fine.

  • Not all stores take Internet Coupons. (I have never run into that problem yet.)

  • Print from reputable sites such as your brand name products, eversaver, and more.

  • The best thing with internet coupons is to be honest when printing. A lot of people misuse the printing and coping of Internet coupons and this causes problems with stores.


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