Lasagna Gardening 2010 :Spring Time Clean Up and Set Up

>> Thursday, April 1, 2010

Last year I started Lasagna Gardening. It is what it sounds like you simply make layers of different items like, peat moss, mulched leaves and grasses, pine needles, compost, manure, the list goes on of what you can use and you plant right into those layers. I was spectacle because it wasn't soil but it eventually turns itself into soil, it is rich in soil nutrients and worked almost too well in that my plants got bigger then my small area I set up. You can use this method to make small plots, big plots, container plots and it will work great if you are planning on square foot gardening as well. Go here to see last years posts and catch up on what it looks like and what to do to get started. My archives are funny so the beginning is at the end so scroll down to see first posts.

If you are like me, you didn't get all your Fall work done and now need to use the good weather to ready the beds for planting this year. Most things are too early to plant in my zone (Midwest) although the weather is going to be 80 degrees today this is a fluke and planting is not yet a good idea. Click here to see your planting zones.

Soon some cool weather produce will be ready to plant and we will get into that in the next post. So are you ready? Plan on getting outside in the next few weeks and clear your gardens, flower beds up or scout out where you want to place your lasagna beds. You don't need to dig...nope no digging just find where you want the garden to go and begin the layers. Go here to see parts of the book and get an idea on getting started.

So what can I can I do today, this weekend, the coming week? Clean up your established garden beds, throw the old foliage into the compost piles. Add new layers of newspaper, peat moss, manure, mulched leaves. Take advantage of the good weather to get your first mow in and mulch those garden leaves and clippings to put on your garden beds. (remember don't use the grass from the areas your dogs are going to the bathroom). Look at garden magazines, go to the local shops and see what you might be interested in planting this year. Organize your ideas and be realistic about what you can plant, eat, and put away for the coming winter month.


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