Chicks, Chicks....Proud Mama

>> Thursday, April 22, 2010

I got the chickens in their new home and today got some chicken fencing and a tarp to put around the little coop. This will be their temporary home for awhile. The tarp will go over the fencing area when we are not there to watch them (when we let them out for a while to graze) so that other animals won't get them and so that they won't fly away.

My big decision is going to be keeping all eight chickens and getting a bigger fencing area (more space) or down grading to 4 or 5 chickens and keeping it small. My mind tells me to just down grade to lesser chickens this year and if I like it over the winter then come spring add a few more.

My friends would be happy to take a couple of my chicks and they cost a few bucks a piece so price isn't an issue. But my daughter and I feel like we don't want to give some up....there is that word....'feel'. Oh well I think downgrading is probably going to win out but time with tell.


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