Using your coupons to get the best deals

>> Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Every once in a while a coupon deal comes along that you really want to get in on and you don't have enough coupons to get the best of the deal. I saw a great deal on Skippy peanut butter posted at Moms by Heart. If you use a manufacture coupon and a Target coupon you can get skippy for .04. Now my hubby loves Jif but when I can get peanut butter for .04 cents then it is on baby.

I don't have enough Skippy coupons so I use coupon clippers to order more so I can get in on this deal. I got skippy and other coupons totaling: $4.30 for a face value of over $24 dollars. I can get ten skippy for $1.20 (that is the .04 plus the .80 the coupons cost me.)

You can get coupons by using coupon clippers, ebay, hotcoupon world and more. I use coupon clippers because if I order before Wednesday at a certain time I get my coupons on Saturday and can still get in on the deals of the week. This Target deal though goes longer. Target coupons usually last a few weeks at least.


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