A Fall's Harvest...What are you doing with it?

>> Friday, September 18, 2009

Hello all. It is hard to believe that we started not that long ago with the beginnings of our Lasagna Gardens and other garden methods. As Fall approaches rapidly we need to start wrapping up what is left of our gardens, begin to prepare our gardens for the coming winter months and thinking about what we want to do for next year. You can go here to see all that I have done so far with my lasagna garden.
I bought some small pumpkins and will be freezing my own pumpkin puree this weekend. I love pumpkin and found that freezing the pumpkin for future recipes could not be easier. I also want to use the seeds for future cosmic cookies or a tasty treat. Go here to see how to freeze/can pumpkin. I really like the idea of having the pumpkin on hand but also that it is as natural and organic as you can get. It is cheap to purchase the small pumpkins and worth a little effort to have wonderful recipes in the future. If you read up on pumpkin you will also find that it is not overly recommended for canning because of the low acidity however it can be done.

I want to hear all about your gardens this year! What worked and what didn't. What are you proud of and what are you never going to do again? Want to vent, brag or dream of next year do it here.

Next year I plan on planting a little smarter. I will give my plants a little more space. I will bulk up on the things that grew well and I want to freeze. I will plant only what I know I can use. (yes this means very little lettuce...LOL)

In the coming week I will blog some ideas from the gardening series on how to prepare for winter. Now is a great time to get a Lasagna Garden area ready for next year. If you are thinking about making a garden area for next year then prepare it this Fall. Its cheaper too...garden supplies are on the discount.


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