Cosmic Cookies

>> Monday, September 14, 2009

I made Cosmic Cookies tonight. These cookies are very healthy for you. They are packed with protein, made from all organic products and taste so good. My friend, Denise found the recipe awhile ago and I finally got to taste these babies this weekend. Go here to see a picture of them on Denise's blog. They are higher in calories but work great to ward off hunger, to eat before a work out or right after. They are very chewy and you can get a good amount of water down with them. Denise wraps them up individually and then freezes them to pull out as she wants one. I did the same. No time for breakfast...this is it my friend.

I made two changes to the recipe. One is they use soy milk. Denise and I subbed rice milk. It calls for dark choc chips. I get choc overload so I subbed part organic peanut butter chips and choc chips. I am happy with the substitutions. Let me know what you think about the recipe and if you make it how it turned out for you. Go here to see the recipe.


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