What a day

>> Monday, May 18, 2009

I was up early and at the university a 1/2 hour before I needed to but I love to be early and I was pretty excited to begin the end of my bachelor program. This summer is the beginning of the end...the last 5 classes and I have my bachelor....YEAH. It has only taken 11 years of hard work, struggle to raise a family, stay married, work, be a homemaker and a good student. I have a very good GPA so I am pretty proud of that fact. Class was OK today. Drugs and Human behavior. I love my psychology classes. Tomorrow is the long day. I need to be at school at 1pm and not done with two classes until 9pm. Long day with a few small breaks but it will be worth it. Then I have an online class that just has me writing papers...(just?) lol. And then one more class starts in July when these are over and whoa la...bachelor degree.

I went to my friend Denise's today to eat lunch and girl talk. It was a good talk and the next level to bonding in our relationship. We also walked around her garden areas. If you would like to see how great her gardens turned out go here. She also got chickens and here is a picture of those I took today. Here is the before pictures of the chicks. They grow so fast. One is getting beat up on by the others. Chicks look cute but they can be mean as hell to the 'outside' chicken. Check that wooden box out...Denise made that on her own. Way to go D.


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