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>> Sunday, May 17, 2009

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It has been a beautiful day. We didn't expect it to get out of the low fifties but it hit about 60 degrees the sun was shining and there was a breeze that kept me feeling wonderful all day long. I really needed to get outside today. I need the vitamin D in the Sun, doctor said so. I needed fresh air, the solace alone time with God and nature. I love to play in the dirt too. Speaking of dirt, do you all get dirty when you garden? I don't mean a bit of dirt under the nails and on your hands, I mean dirt ground in your knees, ankles and feet (toes)? I am always barefoot when I garden (Indiana hillbillies). I get dirt everywhere and boy did that shower feel good when I was done.

I got the garden planted and it was so wonderful to work with, the layers had started to break down and it was easy to plant by pushing aside the mulch and putting in the plant. The rain had made the mulch layer really wet and easy to work with too. The number of plants I was able to get in there was amazing. Remember with lasagna gardening you train the plants to grow up so there is more room and you don't have to space as much because of the rich, weed free soil. Guess we will find out if this works or not. I will probably box this in next year if I like this type of gardening.

You might be able to see a little bit in the back of the above picture where I was working this afternoon. I had a few things planted there (hostas, raspberry bush and lots of weeds).

So I built myself a lasagna garden. (See it below) This was just as easy to do in one day the only difference I noticed was that planting in the already wet bed made me feel a bit better about the plants. I had the hose on a slow stream the entire time trying to soak the beds. Peat moss soaks up a lot of water. Here is the final product. I planted two new blueberry bushes and left a space where I will transfer another bush next year (didn't want to harm an established bush). I planted bush beans in that spot for this year (The empty spot is beans). I also left the raspberry bush and transplanted the lily, hostas and added a few flowers and plant I got for mother's day.

I need to add the wood mulch to the garden and flower bed areas but figured I would wait a few days to give the plants time to get deeply watered and settled. The next picture (below) is the other side of the fence that I will be working on next. In that picture you will see the actual layers through the fence. The problem with the other side of the fence is that is where the dogs like to run and I am going to have to fence it off. I am thinking of doing a little picket fence area. I am going to plant watermelon (called sugar babies) they are small and will grow up the fence and I will secure nylons under the melons as they grow.

I really should block this entire area off in a square and plant another garden but that will have to wait for next year. This year I am going to take a straight line by the fence and plant watermelons. You can see the layers through the fence.

Well that is it for today. I am tired, tuckered and need to get ready for my first summer class tomorrow. I am going to have lunch after with my friend, Denise. I will get to see the little chicks she has growing. I will take my camera and get some pictures of her garden/chicks for everyone to see.


BECKY! May 18, 2009 at 7:55 AM  

That looks awesome! I get so dirty out there! My husband used to be a mechanic and we have a bunch of left over rubber gloves that he had bought (like doctor gloves) - so I put those in my shed so hopefully my hands at least aren't too bad. But my pants are always disgusting afterwards!!

Tatersmama May 18, 2009 at 4:37 PM  

It's looking so good! I tried growing blueberries twice, but I never had much luck with them. :-(
I'm trying to "lasagna garden" this year, but I haven't gotten far yet. Winter's coming on here and the weeds are sprouting everywhere, so there's a lot to be done!

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