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>> Friday, April 10, 2009

I am sick again. That is twice in two weeks! Last week with the flu and this week with a sore throat along with fever and aches. My immune system must really be down. Hopefully I will feel better this afternoon because I still have lots to do for Easter on Sunday.

Along with my immune system needing a boost I have decided to walk a 5k on memorial day. I talked to my husband and he said that he would walk it with me, train with me and also go swimming at the local y. Hopefully this will start to make my internal health better.

Shopping, I have been doing some shopping lately. I am getting on board with the Target coupons. These are special Target Generated Coupons that can be stacked with your own coupons. They offer some minor things free and the savings on other items has been worth the trips. You just have to be careful that the deals are worth it and that you don't find lots of 'extras' while you are there.

Yesterday made a trip to Meijers where I used the mealbox coupons and stacked with my own coupons. I was able to get free mustard, used my free pace coupons and received an extra 1.00 off that purchase as well. I stuck to my list fairly well, used tons of coupons and had a total savings of $58.60. My total bill was $70 so I was happy with my almost 50% savings and the stock up items I got will go a long way towards restocking my pantry.

I also stopped at the dollar general. You can use manufacture coupons there in case you didn't know and I got 6 Palmolive dish soaps for .88 -.25 manq = .63 each which is cheaper then Walgreen's this week. I also got my birthday cards for .50 each there. I hate spending money on cards.

I have some candy to buy yet and a few small things for baskets. I also am putting together a decorative flower display which requires some candy for that as well. I will post a picture when I am done with it. Here is what you do in case you are looking for a cheap and easy craft or center piece.

Flower Bowl
Get two clear bowls, one should be slightly smaller then the other so it fits inside the first bowl. I purchased my bowls at Walmart where they are pretty cheap. The bowls can be found near the artificial flowers. You can use tall, short, square bowls it doesn't matter.

You will need the two bowls, enough candy to layer around the inside bowl and whatever flowers you want to put in the bowl. I got the idea from All You April issue Magazine. You can see the picture by going to the home page. They used jelly beans and layered them inside the bowl around the inside bowl and in one they used the colored peeps (marsh mellow) ones to top it off. I bought the peeps but have not found the candy I want for the inside yet and I need to stop and get tulips today as well.


Denise April 10, 2009 at 2:03 PM  

I am so PROUD of you!!! A 5k wow...where is it going to be at? The same one Kendall and I are doing in Elkhart? Yea...great job Paula. I know you can do it!

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