Sickness update...

>> Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am a big baby! Man that was rough. Today I feel like someone beat the tar out of me and put me away wet! I can't remember having the flu like that in a very long time. My tummy is very weak and ate a bit earlier, that is staying down and sipping on liquids.

To everyone who has had the flu, my empathy has renewed and I am extra sorry I have not had more sympathy for you over the past few years.

Side note: I had a hyatial hernia operation years ago. This is an operation that ties down the little flap to the esophagus so that you don't have heartburn. Saved my life it did because I was anemic and my very sick from that acid reflux they call it now days.

Down side you ask? That little flap never wants to open up the other way again so vomiting is out and dry heaves are is the actual time you wish you could vomit. Enough said. My ribs feel like soccer practice was happening all over me.
But at least I can sit up and type now. lol


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