Making your own Sourdough Bread: The middle of the nite

>> Friday, March 6, 2009

Yes I am up in the middle of the night again. I have a problem with dreaming...I dream all the time and I dream very deep, vivid dreams and most of them are not nice dreams. I have always dreamed this way and sometimes I end up waking up scared, or crying and need to get up and settle down before going back to bed. Most of you will remember I fight with depression and in therapy we have talked a lot about my dreams. I dream about water over taking me a lot, I also dream of tornadoes getting me in some shape of form. Snakes are often in my dreams and my dream that always gets me really upset is my husband leaving me. Can anyone say I have an abandonment issue? lol Anyway I am up at an ungodly hour and worried about my sourdough.

I am hoping to make bread in the morning but I worry it won't rise. So I started searching online to find a really good sourdough site. I found sourdoughhome. This site gave me a bit of peace. If my starter won't rise, then I will just make another and another until I get it right. Check it out there is a lot of recipes there...sourdough carrot, pineapple cake....yummy.


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