Making of the Sourdough Bread & Sourdough Chocolate Cake

>> Saturday, March 7, 2009

I decided to go ahead and use all purpose white flour. Considering I am new to this and the white flour seems to rise better for me I am going to experiment with it and then move on to other things. My starter has a mixture of whole wheat and white flour. Last night I fed it a cup of white flour and a cup of water. I keep hearing warm water but I have read a lot about using water that is too warm which I think I have done. This kills the wild yeast so better to use tepid water. Here is the recipe that I used for the sourdough bread. The only change I made was using honey instead of sugar and it says to do it overnight but considering I got up at 6am I decided it would have plenty of time to rise before dinner and it has already risen some. (picture of the rising product above.) This bread recipe was a lot easier then the one I tried before. I was able to mix in the first three cups of flour and then slowly knead in the other cups of flour. I didn't use exactly 6 cups.

I have plenty of starter left and I wanted to try something else so I decided on a sourdough chocolate cake. This is not a low carb/low sugar cake but my husband loves chocolate cake and I wanted to bake so... here is the recipe for that recipe. It was super easy and the only change I made was to use real butter instead of shortening. The batter was a little thicker almost like brownie batter. The smell of it baking was incredible and the finished product looks great, it had no problems rising and used the exact amount of time it recommended. My biggest problem now is do I use a chocolate fudge frosting I have or a cream cheese one? I have lots of frosting from my Kroger mega sale trips so I am not making frosting. The picture of the baked cake is above. I could eat it right now!


SelectAFlush March 8, 2009 at 4:05 PM  

I love baking sourdough bread. i found a really cool way, fool Proof if you will is to bake in a cast Iron dutch oven on the barbaque grill. Heat the oven and grill to 400 plus and with mits on open the lid drop the dough in and cover. lower grill to low. leave in the closed grill for about 20-25 min. open and take the temp, the bread is near 200-205 it is done. My other passion is to save water for people who want a better tomorrow.

Paula March 9, 2009 at 8:15 AM  

Wow that is an interesting way of making bread and I bet it tastes good too.

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