Diet any one?

>> Friday, January 9, 2009

I am very happy with myself and my food choices this week. I cooked lots and my daughter just told me she lost 6 pounds from eating what I cooked and not eating out this week. Not bad huh? I checked my weight the other day and it was down a few but I will wait to check in with you all later on that. So what did I do right this week and what things do I want to work on for next week?

Things I did right:

I cooked healthy meals, I ate breakfast ate home or took healthy options to eat in my car, I used nuts as healthy snacks, I ate lunch out a few times but made better more moderate choices.

Things I need to work on for next week:

I need to incorporated more fruits into my diet, veggies too but I seemed to get these in easier with salads, and sandwich toppings. I need to drink a bit more water, I felt a little dry a couple of days.

Overall I am pleased with myself and the changes I was able to make without suffering. I am not perfect, I did have mayo on my sub but didn't ask for extra. I ate at Panera today and only had a little mayo on my sandwich.

OK<<< My friend Denise blogged how she has a sweet tooth and has been known to eat a spoonful of raw brown sugar. I could kinda do this with mayo. I never have but it basically comes down to the same thing when I get a Panera sandwich I could put 6 packets of mayo on it and still feel like it wasn't enough. Weird I know but I crave the mayo so putting one packet on or not asking for extra is a big thing for me.

Be honest we all have those weird things we do with food that we kinda hide from people...what is your? I could do this with 'real' butter on rolls too. Come on you know you have one.....get it out in the open...leave me a comment.


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