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>> Friday, December 5, 2008

A year of crock pots has a roasted veggie recipe and this reminds me of when I was a little girl, we didn't have a lot of money and my mom always made a big dinner on Sundays that would feed us again during the week. Well sometimes two or three more meals. In my house we ate until it was gone and I mostly hate leftovers unless it is one of those really good meals.

Here is a few ideas that will make a Sunday meal last for a couple more meals and using the crock pot (not that you have to use the crock pot.)

I make a whole chicken in the crock pot. I simply put a clean whole chicken in the crock, I put some pepper, and some chicken seasoning (bullion) and fill it at least half way with wate or chicken broth. I cook it all day until if falls apart. Use this as your main meal but reserve some chicken for the next meal. (I use a good size chicken)

For the next meal you could use the chicken and add some reserved chicken broth, liquid and make chicken and noodles, have mashed potatoes left then use those too. How about biscuits? You can add a can or so of veggies and with the liquid and chicken make a gravy mixture to put over the mashed potatoes and or biscuits, egg noodles?

You can do this with a roast as well. The main thing my husband loves for me to do is make extra roast, Swiss steak, etc and after we eat I take whatever meat is left grind up the meat (meat grinder or food processor) and mix it with mayo (or miracle whip in his case) a little mustard and pickle relish. Then he has meat spread for lunch for the next few days. My daughter and husband fight over this mixture. This would make a quick dinner of sandwiches and soup as well.

Chili? I love chili but after the first night I really don't want a huge bowl of chili for dinner again. When we were children we had lots of chili left and my mom always made chili dogs, sometimes we added a cheese slice and made chili cheese dogs. Fast, cheap, easy if you add some fruit or raw veggie sticks it wouldn't be too bad of a meal.

If anyone else has ideas then please add them to the comments. Everyone loves to hear how others cook and make meals last.


Beeb December 6, 2008 at 5:27 PM  

Great idea with the meat spread!

Sometimes I make stir-fried veggies and serve them over rice for dinner, and then the next day, I fry the veggies and rice in a pan and add a few eggs, to make a sort of egg fried rice.

Usually, whatever I make for dinner is our lunch the next day. I like eating leftovers because I tend to get stuck on food...if I eat chicken for dinner and it's really good, I end up craving chicken for the next couple of days!

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