I need your help....with jello

>> Sunday, December 14, 2008

I need your help with Jello...remember when Meijer had that great catalina/mealbox deal a few months ago on jello and I was just learning how to use the whole catalina/mealbox system? Come on you all remember....I messed up the first deal and made about 5 trips back once I learned the deal and got so much for free??? Yeah, coming back to you now?

Well I have jello, I have lots of jello, I have cherry, and lemon, and tropical and Pudding...that too, I have chocolate and vanilla and butter scotch and I have even more jello then that...

So I need some new jello ideas. I have a wonderful jello cake I make with mandarin oranges and pineapples (I will post later) but I need idea, new ideas. I have done the quick jello pies, and so on....but anyone got a must have, must use jello recipe???? Please post some recipes. I can not be the only one with this much jello sitting around can I? I really pushed that jello a few months back people I know that jello is on your selves!!!

I want to use my stock pile and I think the season is a great excuse. I have a Christmas day dinner with my family so I can take a salad and desert. I have a Christmas (after Christmas day) dinner I have at my house for my hubby's family too so I can jello it up there too. So lets see if J E L L O is really the cheap, easy way to go.


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