Christmas Count down

>> Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas is around the corner believe it our not...And there is lots to do. I am not going to stress over it much. I have my husband, daughter and parents to buy for. My family decided not to do the family drawing since so many in our family lost their jobs lately. So I will do a bit of shopping this coming weekend and possibly be able to get it all done in one shopping day.
Cookies. I have not done much baking in the past few years but I am going to make some this year. Again I am not going to stress too much. I am going to pick a few simple recipes and double up the batches so I have plenty. I will make a list of what baking supplies I need and check the ads this coming week for savings. If I don't see what I need in the ads then I will go to Aldi's where cheap is always there, but I love almost free more.
Things have been a little slow in the coupon world. There are some new coupon print ables so make sure you check the side bar for new blog site coupons. I think the best deals are going to be your rebate deals right now so be sure and check the iheartriteaid and wags for deals there. They also have the easysaver candy deals as well. I am not buying candy at all. My daughter talked me into it for October and we ate it all. No more.


The Barnharts December 2, 2008 at 11:11 AM  

Hey paula, if you send me your last name, email address, and state that you live in I will send you a gift certificate to

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