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>> Thursday, November 13, 2008

This part of my blog is not about saving money, it is about saving love. This is a tough subject to broach but worth it in my opinion. Proposition 8 California. Go here to see a commentary on the voting for this in CA.

This is basically the right for gay marriage. Just listen to what the man says. It doesn't have to be about you or your beliefs it is about others and their right to life, marriage and love.

As most of you know I am catholic but I have my own opinions. I often said in the past that I think marriage was OK for gays at the civil level and but not within the church. I have since changed my mind.

Having been educated and received a degree that includes women's studies I have seen the heart ache and trauma a family can go through when faced with the challenge that denies rights to two people of the same gender.

I have also come into contact with people that I would call friends that have a love story that makes me smile and feel even envious.

So many children need homes yet we deny gay parents the opportunity to take them. If one parent gets sick and goes to the hospital the hospital has the right to deny the other partner access to the patient, their health status and the children can be taken away if there is no other relative to take the children even if this "partner" has raised them.

How many mothers and fathers walk away from their children, don't pay child support and never contact these children? Do the children not have the right to have two parents who love, support and care for them regardless of the gender of the parents?

I am only saying that if you want a person to accept you for what and who you are then shouldn't everyone have that right?

Is it my place to judge another? Is it my place to second guess God's children? Is it me that will answer to my father in heaven for their sins (if you consider it a sin)?

I want to stand before my Lord on judgement day and say I did what he asked me to do...I loved, I respected, I helped, I opened my heart, I wept in empathy, I hugged in enjoyment, I am the best person I can be because I listened to my heart and heard Gods words, "Love one another as I love you".

If you don't agree with this, that's OK by me. If you think differently that's OK too. We each have our own opinions and ways in which we respect the Lord.


john November 14, 2008 at 1:54 PM  

i totally agree with you

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