How much are we expected to take?

>> Friday, November 7, 2008

The economy is so scary. I found out that my brother and uncle who work in the same factory have no jobs. My uncle worked there for 44 1/2 years. He has never had another job before. The company told them on Wednesday that they are unable to keep the factory going. They work with copper and had a contract to pay $3 per pound of copper. The price has recently dropped for copper to a bit over $1 but since they are under contract to the $3 they are struggling with the economy. Banks denied them any loans to keep things going. This is the last big factory in the area where my family lives...this will basically begin the shut down of a town.

In the past two years my husband has been down sized twice.
My aunt got downsized.
I got downsized.
My sister got downsized.
My daughter got downsized.
My daughters boyfriend doesn't get 40 a week (they keep him just under where unemployment would kick in)
My brother in law's business went bust.
My father in law and my mother lost over the 20 grand mark on investments

I just don't know when this is going to give. I am so grateful to have a job, that my husband has a job, that I can buy food, keep the house over our heads, have room for my daughter to stay here and I just don't know what to do for people anymore.

My sister texts me after she found out about our brothers job loss and said, "pretty soon we will all be living down by the river." I had to laugh because it makes you wonder when and what is coming next.

The only shining light is that gas prices are going down.


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