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>> Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lots of blogs have a special Menu spot during the week. They plan out the meals and use the coupons/sales to scoop on the savings. Even when I had lots of time I just never did very good at this type of thing something always comes up and our dinner plans go out the window.

Have you tried the cook once eat all month? Yeah, I have done that too and been exhausted and frustrated when our plans changed and we didn't use the meals and or they went to waste.

I have seen some blogs lately that made a few things and then used them for several meals. That isn't too bad. I believe it was Jane that made a bunch of potatoes (individual mashed, potato skins, and twice baked) then froze. That I think is doable.

I buy my ground beef from a local Amish butcher and it is fresh, cheaper and I don't have to worry about fillers or antibiotics. I made a quick stop on Friday and got 3-2lbs packages and 1-1 lb package. I blogged about this before but it makes sense to mention it again...brown that beef up and freeze it for future meals. I have to tell you this is the best thing I have ever started to do and saves so much time. It takes a few minutes to warm up in the microwave.

This week I cooked the hamburger while I was waiting for dinner to bake in the oven and was cleaning the kitchen up as well. I made:

2lbs ground beef and made for a what ever meal
2lbs ground beef and made into taco meat
2lbs ground beef and made into sloppy joes
1 lb ground beef and made for a whatever meal

The half hour of cooking the ground beef saves me or family endless hours of defrosting and cooking during the week.

My plan for the rest of the week is to have round steak (just bought that at a great price) and mashed potatoes tomorrow.

Monday I will have my daughter use the 1 lb ground beef for chili in the crock pot. I won't get home from my commute until after 7pm.

Tuesday they can use the sloppy Jo mix and make a salad. I have class until 7pm

Wednesday they can use the taco mix and make taco or salads. I have class until 6:30pm

Thursdays probably eat out...hubby gets paid

And this still leaves me the 2lb mix for something next week.

I did a lot of shopping this weekend. I saved a lot on coupons and sales too but to be honest I am so exhausted tonight I can't get it into the blog. But I can say I made some good purchase that will help over the next few weeks of meals.

Do any of you have an Aldi's? If you do and have not shopped there....do so. I stock up on chili beans, black beans, kidney beans, tomato sauce, canned soup and canned veggies there. It is so cheap. I also buy these cheese pizzas they have in the fridge section...they are huge and $6.99 a piece. I add ingredients to make them even better and its a great fast meal as well. They freeze well too. They also have these fit & lively ground chicken burgers...that are great.

This might sound like a lot of ground beef and we don't always eat that much in a week but for really busy weeks it makes life really easy. We also use ground chicken for tacos and salads as well but I have not gotten to the store I like to buy that from lately.

Anyone have any other ideas on how to make dinner week easier? I suppose I am lucky because we are all adults in my house and I don't have to worry about getting a dinner early for the kids. My 20 yr old kid can get it ready for me!


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