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>> Friday, October 3, 2008

I am the first to admit that I don't know everything about couponing and when I think I might finally have the hang of it, I get a knock down on the fact that I don't seem to know very much at all.

Super Coupon Girl is amazing! I am going to add her to my list. She can show you how to use your coupon overages to buy meat and produce for pennies. Amazing!!

She also teaches us about using these "catalinas." So let us all learn a lesson...I will post a bit of her blog but go here to see the rest. I think you will have a OMG moment too. I found this post on moneysaving mom (see my side bar) who always has a great blog as well.

Guest Post by Beeb Ashcroft who blogs at Super Coupon Girl

With the current economic landscape, more and more families are tightening their belts and looking for ways to cut costs. The prices of basic pantry staples, such as milk, eggs, cheese, and produce, have risen in recent years. And unfortunately, coupons for produce or dairy are often somewhat few and far between. So what's a thrifty shopper to do?

At the beginning of this year, I was regularly spending between $600-$800 a month for groceries, although I didn't like it one bit. I am inherently frugal, so it went against my nature to cough up $80 every time I went through a checkout.

Certainly, my two-person household could have gotten by on a dramatically smaller budget. However, eating a healthy diet is important to me, and I paid a lot for my groceries because I felt like I didn't have a choice. But once I discovered coupons, a whole new world opened up for me.

The myth about coupons is that you can only save money if you buy nothing but Hamburger Helper and Spam. So I was shocked to discover I could use coupon techniques to help pay for my most expensive grocery items.

I've found my two major allies in drastically reducing our grocery budget have been overage from coupons and catalina deals. Let me share a little what these terms mean and how, too, can you take advantage of these deals.


photo by *clarity*

Let's start with coupon overage. Say you have a coupon for $2 off Wheat Thins, but they're on sale for $1.50. Many stores allow the excess amount from the coupon to be used to pay for another item in your order. So you could buy the Wheat Thins and another item for 50 cents, and get both for free using the coupon.

Occasionally, you may run into a store that does not allow overage, so check with your store's manager if you are unsure of their coupon policies. More often than not, stores accept overage as correct redemption of the coupon. (The store will get reimbursed the full coupon amount from the manufacturer so they are not out any money by giving you overage.)

Go here to read the rest....it is worth the read.


Beeb October 3, 2008 at 1:26 PM  

Thanks so much for your kind words! I was so shocked when I started using coupons and discovered what was possible, so I have to spread the word!

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