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>> Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Be sure and check out my side bar for money saving tips, information and more. I put the blogs that I visit most in order to save money. Cherry picker has some great printables today and others have updates on weekly buys.

The blogs that show what has happened in the past few hours/days happens to have a feeder that constantly updates and that is why you see headlines under their names. Don't forget to look at my blog favs as well. I heart wags, riteaid and cvs is where I get a lot of info on what sales are coming up and whether I should buy something or wait because I can view the ads a few weeks ahead of time.

We have the Thanksgiving and Christmas counter. Like you could forget right?

There is also a follower count that you can sign up for that allows me to get to know you a bit more. If you look at the Feeder count that is a live count of who is logging onto my blog. FYI..when you see south bend..that is me :) and it shows me over and over as I check out sites and log back on otherwise you can actually click on the sites that someone came from and this is often how I find some new sites. It is fun to see where people come from and the sites they look at because we happen to like some of the same things.

I also put other interesting things on there as well. If you see the flylady check her out she will get you organized. I have been slipping on that but have every intention of going back at it.

So check out the side bar info and help yourself to savings 101 style.


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