September Savings Totals

>> Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Here are the totals....................I am very proud of myself this month. I have a good stock pile going, plenty of personal needs, food items and feel pretty good about my monthly purchases. Remember I just started this process in July so it has been a 101 in saving money for me.

July totals $341.56
August totals $450.74

September Totals:

Total of all purchases $949.43

Total Savings $652.80

Total out of pocket $296.63

The amazing thing is I don't feel deprived or lacking in anything. I mean I have more makeup, shampoos, and food items then ever and have saved tons. It does take time and effort I am not going to tell you other wise but for me it has been worth the savings and worth the fun I get from playing the coupon game. Let me know how are you doing? Are you keeping track? Have you set a budget? I haven't set a budget as of yet but will in the future.


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