My Trip To Walgreen's and Walmart

>> Friday, October 10, 2008

I did very well at Walgreen's. First I would like to say that I have serious issues with Walgreen's. It is so frustrating to go there because they just seem to make everything difficult. The coupons have to be in a certain order, and if you don't do separate purchases then you do not get the right amount of R.R. back. Some of my Internet coupons would not go through and the cashier told me I had too many coupons. I calmly told her that I had the same amount of coupons as I do purchases. She didn't like that but oh well.

My total purchases $90.93

Total Saved $109.03 (67.14 store and coupons savings, 25 pharmacy transfer check, 7.79 gift card, 6.50 rebates, 3 RR)

Total out of pocket $ 0

I also made a pass at Walmart. I have not been to actually grocery shop in weeks and I made a quick pass thru today for a few things.

Total Purchases $30.52

Total saved $7.48

Total out of pocket $23.04

I did well over all. I didn't want to get too much because we will be leaving for Florida on Wed.


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