My trip to Meijer and using the catalinas

>> Thursday, October 30, 2008

Well...I was supposed to walk out of the store having paid about $5. My first trip was $22 and I got nothing but the items I was supposed to get. Let's just say that I learned more on that one trip and it definitely helped me on my next trip back in the store. So I am not even going to bother to tell you what went wrong and concentrate on what I ended up doing right. I was able to get $5 of catalinas out of my first trip.

The second trip I purchased 6 boxes of Kraft/velveta boxes mac and cheese and 6 boxes of jello. I used 3 coupons ($2 off two boxes of kraft) and I used 3 coupons ($1.50 of two jello). These are the Meijer meal box coupons. You are supposed to use one coupon per transaction...however...if you go through the self checkout then you can do more at one time. I got all this for $2.45. This is how you do not get flustered..(1st trip problem) keep calm and don't worry about the person standing behind you.

  1. Scan the products and bag
  2. after products are done then scan your coupons...IF they do not scan and expect them not to do so then hit the enter keycode and the number box pops up...enter the entire number under the coupon scan code and hit enter. It will tell you to enter the coupon in the slot. This is to the right of the scanner. Make sure it goes all the way will know that the coupon scanned when it pops back to the normal scan page. Scan/key in the next coupon and repeat the process.
  3. When you are done then it may say need coupon approval and the cashier will come over and hit approval (they never asked me a question) and then finish up with your payment. Make sure you grab your receipt and catalinas.

All together I got $7 in catalinas. I went back for a third trip and got two cases of soda, a few other items and used coupons and catalinas to get the rest of my stuff for $14.

Learning process that may have cost me in the beginning but worth the effort. Now all together I got 12 boxes of Kraft shells and cheese (different varieties) and this is ok because we can use them with different dinner options. The regular kraft mac and cheese I have a recipe for that makes it "almost" homemade baked style and it is fabulous so I will make that for a big Sunday dinner. I will find the recipe and print it for you all later.


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