Little Allergies

>> Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I told you earlier in the week that I had bought an allergen blocker to help with my bad allergies especially going into homes on assessment calls. I have used it twice. The first time I cleaned my bedroom and I usually always have an allergy attack. I live across the street from an open field which makes keeping my dust under control a pain in the behind. Also for some strange reason my bedroom attracts more dust then the entire house. I can dust and an hour later you see dust particles.

The second time I used it was yesterday when I went on a home visit. They had a cat which usually sets my allergies off immediately. I can't even pet the sweet kittens at the pet shop. I was there two hours and the last 10 mins or so I noticed I was getting a little itchy nose. This is fantastic news.

And yes I did buy and use the kid brand as shown here. I had the coupon for that one and the adult one but could only find the kid brand at the store so I bought that one.

I paid $13 with with $6 off in coupons. The bottle is very tiny and it says you can get 150 applications out of it and I believe it because it doesn't take much. You simply put a little on your finger and put it around the nostril area. That is it. A thumbs up from Paula.


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