Hoarding...what is it and do you do it?

>> Monday, October 13, 2008

The definition of Hoarding is the storing of food or other goods or money. This term has been floating around the blogs lately. Are you a hoarder? Do you have more then enough? Too much?

This hoarding has come about lately because some people feel that by getting things free or nearly free it is causing people to hoard and or become greedy.

When you first start using the coupons and can get so many things free I think there is a tendency to hoard a bit. After awhile people realize they don't need that much and settle down. That is my opinion. Is it hoarding if you have enough toilet paper for the rest of the year? I don't think so but if you have enough for years and no place to put it then perhaps you are passed the line on hoarding toilet paper.

Are you getting everything you can free, using it, giving it to friends, family and the homeless? If you are then you are spreading the wealth and I don't consider it hoarding.

If you grew up with parents that had very little or who had parents that were in the depression era then you might have the tendency to hoard a little. My stepfather (father in my eyes) was a bit of a hoarder when it came to food. Mostly he was an avid shopper (yes he did all the grocery shopping for 20 years and when he passed my mom was in shock having to do it) and his parents were very strict on using things, storing food etc. We had a pantry in the basement and we NEVER ran out of anything. We just went to the basement. He was a hoarder with good intentions.

The question then becomes is it time to think about what you are buying, hoarding and using? If you have an adequate supply of food, toiletries, and other things then you are fine. If you have boxes shoved in every place possible and are not giving it away with the knowledge that you can really never use this much stuff then perhaps it is time to think a bit about what you have been doing in the shopping area.

If you love the game, love the free stuff and have plenty of time on your hands to do the game then go for it just give the stuff to people who need it.

Important fact to remember is that these sales run in 12 week cycles. If you have enough to get you through several months then the sale will come around again no need to hoard. It is a game people and although we need to play the game with skill in order to survive the economic problems of today's world we don't need to panic and spend more then we should, store too much or worry about the sales we missed. They will come again.

I certainly don't mean to step on any one's toes here. This is strictly my opinion only. But, these drugstores are not going anywhere and some comments lately has been the worry that CVS will stop giving ECB's and good deals if people abuse the system. There will always be good deals for those that search for them. And there will always be people who abuse the system. You just have to do the best you can in your life and pray others find a way to do the same.


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