Do You Like Carmel Corn?

>> Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Do you like golden, buttery caramel corn? Well my friend, Denise makes about the best I have ever had. I have seen her make it and nothing but good old fashion Carmel corn making here. She is expanding her business and has developed a website, Check it out to see all her products. She does flavored Carmel corn as well.

If you have been reading my posts you have also read about Christmas gifts and making baskets for family and friends. Well if you are a crafty person and want to make a basket something like this is perfect. I get a basket every year and you know my family loves to get her baskets. If you are not a crafty person or simple don't have the time she can make you a gift basket as well.

I talk about Denise a lot. She is the Christmas guru, she got me started on scrap booking, she makes these themed birthday parties for her daughter that have cookies that are always shaped in the theme (blues clues...she made bone cookies....Hanna Montana...she made guitars). Crafty she is so check it out I would never do you wrong.


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