CVS shopping, Sunday stuff and New job tomorrow

>> Sunday, October 5, 2008

My new job starts tomorrow, yeah!!!! My back is out of whack, booohhh! Doesn't it always happen that way? Things never start for me as they should but this is nothing new to me. I am not having a pity party just the truth.

Friday I thought I would get a bit of catch up cleaning done and somehow realized I pulled my back. To top it off I only had 2 muscle relaxers left (now 0) and 1 warming pad. Other then having to drive for two hours each way tomorrow it should be ok, I just have a lot of paper work and some training so sitting down will just make me stiff but doable.

Went to CVS today. I went to a newer one and they didn't have half the things I needed which threw me off and I ended up not getting to use my $10/50 coupon. They were out of the warming pads and I refused to pay full price for others. So my trip ended with me paying out $16 bucks and getting $17 back in ECB's. I was still frustrated. I was going to go to another CVS but I realized my back was really killing me and I needed to go straight home.

Now I have to get my clothes ready for tomorrow, catch up on some homework and mentally prepare myself to get up before six (so I can be at the office 2 hours away) by 9 a.m. and get dinner tonight? I have three other adults living in my house and my husband said we can have whatever I fix. That is going to be nothing tonight.

I wish everyone a great start to the week and will check with you tomorrow to let you know how my first day went. Thanks everyone.


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