What day of the week do you shop and what deals do you really need?

>> Monday, September 29, 2008

I must admit that I usually do most of my shopping on Mondays after I have gotten my coupons and deals together. If there is something 'hot' then I might rush out on Sunday. This week there are several things that I am interested in picking up however I have a good stock at home so I am in no rush. Every time a coupon for a Friday/Saturday deal comes out I have already done my shopping not that there will be a coupon this week but just saying.

One thing I have learned is what day my 'normal' shopping places restock. I definitely will pick up the Rite Aid razors this week and I know they restock late Wednesday afternoon so I am good there. I have mentioned before we have a huge amount of CVS and Walgreen stores in my area and every time you turn around they are building a new one so finding deals here are not a problem if you are willing to search a few stores.

When you first get into the coupon game you think, "I have to go get that deal!" but the truth is after awhile you have to learn to curb that and think do I need this, does anyone I know use this brand, and or is this something I can donate.

For instance this week is a free cover girl foundation and I can't tell you how many foundations I have in my 'box' that will probably all go to my niece anyway. So make sure you step back and think about that purchase. I have enough toilet paper for months but one more good deal here will definitely go into the waste. (funny me) I have bad allergies but is ten boxes of Kleenex enough for this month? I think so. So some deals I am going to make myself pass on and some I will go get because free or nearly free razors are never going to go to waste.

Do you have a box? What do you put in there? Is it all donation or both? I have tons of makeup, shampoo and toothpaste, toothbrushes and lipsticks or wet slicks. My niece and my sister are going to make out like bandits and my daughter who moved home already has.

I love playing the game and I have saved tons, gotten free items, will make some great gift baskets and donate much needed items to the homeless center in my area, however saying no to a good deal is like looking those potato chips in the eye and saying, "I don't need you."


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