Meijer's Meal Box

>> Saturday, September 27, 2008

Do you shop at Meijer? I have to admit that sales and coupon combining at Meijer's can be great.

On my side bar you will notice a Meijer Meal box. Check this out often because they have printable coupons you can take with you and use with other coupons.

Some of the coupons change others seem to be a standard. Frozen fruit coupon gives you frozen fruit for under a dollar. The chocolate chip coupon gets you a bag for about $.79. They also have recipes and more.

I like to look here before I go to Meijer for any extra savings. I will admit that I don't shop here unless there is a great sale going on but with coupons you can really sweep up on the savings.

If you live in my area (south bend, IN) we have a grocery store called Martin's super markets. I truly miss this supermarket for they have excellent produce, meat and customer service that is out of this world however the deals and coupon saving just isn't there so I have to shop other places. Let me know if anyone is interested in my showing what can be saved at Meijers and Martin's and I will do a weekly post of that as well. I will begin a Kroger post soon for those of you that are Kroger shoppers. There you can get great deals on sales and coupon combinations otherwise it isn't the best place to shop either.


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