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>> Sunday, September 7, 2008

I went to Walmart with a list in hand and although I did very well I had to be careful because not all the advertised ads or prices in other Walmarts are the same as our midwest store. So I took a picture of what I got today. I had fun just wandering a bit but sticking to my list except for these new Pillsbury twists that I just could not pass up. I will be swimming tomorrow!

This is what I got:

3 pasta boxes ( 1 off each box)
2 barella heat and eat sauces (1 off each sauce)
2 beniful dog meals
3 kotex pads (free except for tax)
2 jars of pickles (1 off each jar)
2 pillsbury new bake twisters (.30 off each package)
1 bath spungy
1 well pain patch (free with 1 cent over)
2 boxes nature valley granola bars (.50 off each box)
1 box kashi granola bars (2.00 off box)
1 trail size dove hair spray (2.00 off 1.03 overage)
2 trail size dove body wash (1.50 off each wash 1.06 overage)

Total bill before coupons $33.53
Coupon savings $17.10
Total out of pocket $16.43

I will be making out my cvs list tonight. I need to stick to the deals that I will use even if free. I have an overstock of shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toilet paper, and mens body wash. Other stuff I have a nice back up but could use some more body washes, soaps, and I need lotions, I have no back ups.

Happy shopping. Let me know if you got any good deals lately.


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